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What We Do and Why

Pragmos understands that the vast majority of business and organizational problems arise from the use of energies and techniques that were appropriate or essential to an earlier stage of your development, but are getting in the way now.

When you call us, Pragmos will come in, assess your situation, explain what's going on, and what needs to be done. What we do is to assist you in dissolving obstacles, re-balancing your priorities, and helping you discover increased freedom to act.

Pragmos differs from other consulting companies in several important ways:

  • We are experienced in perceiving the structural traps organizations have set for themselves.
  • We understand and guide the human dynamics that are the basis of all work activity.
  • We not only explain and report problems, we can implement the needed changes with you.
  • Our solutions fit where you are on your corporate life cycle, and where you must go next.
  • Our intervention is timely: we intervene only when you need us, now and in the future.

The results of this process are solutions you and your staff can actually feel.

Are we hungry?

No, we are mostly curious. Some years back we resolved the issues related to financial success. Nowadays we don't have to work for you or anyone else to pay the rent.

Should you care?

Time is the primary limitation in consulting so we have to make hard decisions about who to help.

Our not being hungry for consulting work is to your advantage.

It means that once we get interested in your concerns you can depend on us to be objective and impartial.

We realized some years ago that only working with problems and people we like is the hidden reward that makes it worthwhile for us to commit our knowledge, skills and focus.

Ready to Act?

When you are go ahead, contact us.