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Pragmos provides management consulting services to smaller, entrepreneurially-driven firms, and we manage several professional services marketing sites.

Pragmos Consulting has three main branches:

  • Business Lifecycle Consulting Services
  • Organizational Development and Human Resource Consulting Services
  • Professional Services Marketing

Based in Toronto Ontario Canada, Pragmos is a consulting services company whose senior staff are specialists in the management of the entrepreneurial business life-cycle, in organizational development and personal coaching targeted towards smaller firms (15 to 150 staff) and individual owners, and in the provision of sage advice based on decades of successful business experience.

Our particular strength is the marketing of professional services, reflecting our extensive experience working with professionals. This has also meant developing a set of marketing channels and tools that help prospective clients/customers readily find qualified professionals with appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience amid the flood of digital data.

These channels include:

  • EmployeeCounselling.ca: a high-quality cost-effective solution to the shortcomings of traditional employee assistance programs.
  • TherapyToronto.ca: connecting well-trained and experienced psychotherapists to their target market.
  • TherapyCanada.ca: an outgrowth of the success of TherapyToronto.ca for other urban Canadian centres.